• View of the Hofterrassen from the Danube
  • Site in Vienna
  • The view of the site from the Muthgasse
  • The view of the site from the Heiligenstädter Lände
  • The site: parking lot
  • Site Plan
  • Transversal und longitudinal directions , views towards the city and landscape 
  • Solitary buildings with panoramic views
  • Green Heart-Central Square
  • High circulation
  • The metropolitan mosaic offers residents a variety of uses
  • Axonometry
  • Vertical structure of the four building plots with home offices, common areas, hotel and a supermarket
  • Elevation South
  • Principle of making wilderness accessible but keeping it untouched 

Urban large-scale forms, micro-neighborhoods, networks, noise protection and local connections characterize the guidelines for the planning of the Hofterrassen, in the vicinity of the Danube Canal landscape and the campus of the University. By combining the required programs with open spaces in relation to the different qualities of the building sites, highly specific and distinctive architecture is developed for this location. The skyscrapers and pedestals are concentrated around the edge of the property so that a large central square is created. As a finalist, COBE Berlin was invited to participate in the 2nd phase of the competition.

Vienna, Austria