• Entrance to the new neighbourhood from south
  • Geoportal Berlin / Digitale farbige Orthophotos 2011 (DOP20RGB)
  • Geoportal Berlin / Digitale farbige Orthophotos 2011 (DOP20RGB)
  • 12 new building typologies to be developed by 12 different architects
  • Connections to the surrounding green areas
  • Mixed building typologies
  • 5 minutes walking distance
  • Mixed building heights
  • Maintained views to the former hospital
  • Connected diverse courtyards
  • Inner courtyards with a mix of terraces, playgrounds and parking
  • Open green spaces between the blocks
  • Shared space with slow traffic connecting the blocks

Around the old children's hospital four new "Linden Courtyards" are grouped that play with the typology of the Berlin block. While the street is the guarantor of urban life in the historic archetype, here it is the courtyards that are the living room for the community. The four micro neighbourhoods are embedded in a forest and meadow landscape, Allowing a view to the monument ensemble of the old hospital and the monument trees from all sides.

Berlin, Germany