Weisse Halle


  • Central aisle of the Weiße Halle is a lively community space serving the inhabitants with spaces to play, to study, store the bike, etc. On the aisles left and right are housing units.
  • Weiße Halle is located in Gartenfeld (Nord-West Berlin). Masterplan for the "Neue Gartenfeld" suggests keeping of the hall and its refurbishment. Weiße Halle will be located on the newly created canal. 
  • Four of the main characteristics of the hall: 1) skylights that provide light to the central hall, 2) division of the hall into side aisles, 3) its proximity to the water and 4) contrast between inside (white smooth surfaces) and outside (dark red brick).
  • Maintain qualities and increase GFA
  • Community
  • Flexibility and mix
  • Addition the the existing hall 
  • Housing is located in the side aisles 
  • Dynamic spaces created through the double-high middle aisle
  • Façade collage
Berlin, Germany