Bahnhofsvorstadt Bremen

Development Concept

  • FALKENQUARTIER: opportunity for densification: Preserved buildings are integrated. The plinth buildings with the publicly accessible functions, are supplemented by higher buildings which, in their architectural form, reflect their respective counterparts.
  • View over the Bahnhofsvorstadt with the main station in the upper right.
  • Underneath the Hochstrasse.
  • Characteristic of Bremen? Town houses along Rembertikreisel.
  • Residential courtyard situation with sealed surfaces for parking.
  • Housing and plaza situation of the 1960s.
  • The traffic area of the Hochstrasse.
  • Great potential of improving the urban spaces: situation on the Breitenweg.
  • Some of the sites that characterize the cityscape.
  • The expert workshop discusses the future desirable qualities of the Bahnhofsvorstadt.
  • The participants in lively exchange with each other.
  • Constructive discussions at the laboratory tables.
  • Relevant examples from practice serve as inspiratirations.
  • The Bahnhofsvorstadt is located between the large landscaped areas of Bremen’s Bürgerpark and the ramparts. The guiding concept "Leitbild" forms the basis for future development of the Bahnhofsvorstadt.
  • URBAN: the Bahnhofsvorstadt should be perceived more as part of the city center. Therefore, the currently underused sites and buildings must be activated and reused.
  • DENSER: does not stand only for creation of new housing, but also adding cultural, educational, working and public facilities.
  • GREENER: newly developed neighborhoods form parks, gardens and commonly used spaces, which meet the diverse needs of users.
  • MORE EQUITABLE: our focus lies on an optimized quality of the open  spaces and streets in which all traffic participants can move equally.
  • Before and After: more space for people and trees.
  • BREMISCHER: the local architecture of the Bahnhofsvorstadt is often in vivid contrast to each other and thus allows a wide range of uses and users.
  • BREITENWEG: through the introduction of new uses and a better light situation, the space under the overpass is activated. On the sun-drenched, north side of the road, a wide path for pedestrians and cyclists is created.
  • REMBERTIQUARTIER: how can the public space of a traffic circle be enhanced? Our answer is to combine a residential development with a park. The new building forms an urbanistic complement to Bremen’s town houses in the neighborhood.
  • MINI VILLAGE GRÜNENWEG: upgrade and densification of existing courtyards, now partially sealed or used as parking lot, for housing and a day care facility.
  • Today
  • The guiding principals combine social, spatial, and creative aspects. In the future development of the Bahnhofsvorstadt should be ensured that the projects are being developed in the Bremen’s scale, which allows local actors to participate in the development.

The Bahnhofsvorstadt is a central location in Bremen that is of great importance for urban society. Together with the old town, the approx. 82 hectare area of ​​the Bahnhofsvorstadt forms the inner city of Bremen. The updated mission statement is the result of a one-year participatory planning process. It serves as a qualitative consensus and touchstone for the evaluation of future projects and the qualification of urban spaces. On the basis of this multi-faceted model, the development of the Bahnhofsvorstadt will be driven forward in the coming years. "Urban", "dense", "green", "equal" and "Bremischer" are the five strategic leading positions.

Die Bahnhofsvorstadt ist ein zentraler und für die Stadtgesellschaft hoch bedeutender Standort in Bremen. Zusammen mit der Altstadt bildet das ca. 82 ha große Areal der Bahnhofsvorstadt die Innenstadt Bremens. Das aktualisierte Leitbild geht aus einem einjährigen partizipativen Planungsprozess hervor. Es dient als qualitativer Konsens und Prüfstein für die Evaluierung von zukünftigen Projekten und die Qualifizierung der Stadträume. Auf Grundlage dieses multi-facettierten Leitbildes wird die Entwicklung der Bahnhofsvorstadt in den kommenden Jahren vorangetrieben werden. "Urbaner", "Dichter", "Grüner", "Gleichberechtigender" und "Bremischer" sind die fünf strategischen Leitpositionen.

Bremen, Germany