20 years collaboration between A*STAR SIMTech and Technische Universität Braunschweig

Public Lecture: Towards Sustainable Net Zero Cities

On 14th of November 2022, 2.00 pm - 6.00 pm the Public Lecture on "Towards Sustainable Net Zero Cities" will be held to commemorate 20 years of collaboration between A*STAR SIMTech and Technische Universität Braunschweig, organized by Singapore Institute of manufacturing Technology.

Prof. Dr. Vanessa Miriam Carlow will hold an Lecture regarding the topic
"Towards a Sustainable Urbanism for the Future City: Examples from Practice and Research".

Sustainable urbanisation is one of mankind’s largest challenges. How can cities and urban regions be designed to sustain their current population without threatening future generations’ wellbeing? While the United Nations expects a global population of approx. 10 bn people in 2050, urban growth is very unevenly distributed. While new cities, regions and urban areas can be expected to rise in parts of Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America, cities in the global north need to pursue strategies of conversion, transformation or redevelopment to meet climate goals and adapt to climate change. Which different challenges do European cities and urban regions currently face and what are the responses in urban planning practice and research? Fostering sustainable mobility, postdigital participation, and integrated urban and rural development are exemplary strategies explored at ISU – Institute for Sustainable Urbanism at TU Braunschweig. As part of a large research network at TU Braunschweig “Future City” as well as with international partners the institute is also engaged in inter- and transdisciplinary work, examples of which will be presented.