Krøyers Plads

Offices, housing and retail

  • How to combine a rational and economic development with a democratic and hyper-contextual approach?
  • Two new warehouses are inscribed into the waterfront built up structure
  • The urban structure of Strandgades is continued into Krøyers Plads
  • Strandgade ends up in the new square “Krøyers Plads”
  • Site - maximum building outline
  • Public access to the harbor
  • New square ending Strandgade
  • Sight lines
  • Main sight lines and flow divide the building volume into 3 separate warehouses
  • Heights are adjusted to cornice and roof heights of surrounding warehouses
  • Public and open ground floor
  • Elevation of Christianshavn's harbourfront. The new warehouses are inscribed into the existing series of gables in varying heights
  • Ground floor
  • Section towards the waterfront

Krøyers Plads is a significant location in the centre of the Copenhagen harbor area. Today, the site constitutes a gap in the continuous rows of old warehouses that sit perpendicular to the harbor front. Several proposals for the development of the area have been rejected mostly by the local population. Therefore, the new Krøyers Plads is based on a hyper-democratic and contextual approach. The project consists of 3 five-story housing units, naturally continuing the warehouse structure along the harbour. Folded roofs and architectural heaviness create a dialogue between old and new, and a modern, empathetic interpretation of the architectural uniqueness of the old Copenhagen warehouses.

Vanessa Carlow contributed to the project as part of COBE in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen, Denmark