Podcast „Die Stadt als Abbild der Gesellschaft. FLUSS BAD BERLIN als öffentlicher Raum des 21. Jahrhunderts?‪“‬‬‬

About Flussbad Berlin:
“In the Flussbad garden, we would like to use various event formats to inform and discuss the“ Flussbad Berlin ”project and related topics. The new location is intended to establish itself as a platform for education, experimentation and science.
The Flussbad garden is a public place that we would like to make available to other initiatives and partners for their own events whose concerns correspond to topics related to the “Flussbad”. We want to create synergies in the Flussbad garden, share information and findings and talk to one another. "
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“St. Peter's Square in Rome, Red Square in Moscow, Times Square in New York - for many decades or even centuries these public spaces have stood for the power of the Church, the power of the state and the power of money. Despite all the differences, these places have one thing in common: they symbolize an era, a lifestyle and the shared values that go with it. The garden talk poses the question of which cityscapes the big city of the 21st century could generate. What do your representative public spaces stand for, what do they look like and how are they used? Or is it the other way around, that it is not society that creates cityscapes - but cityscapes shape societies? The discussion looks for analogies from the history of urban development and examines the potential of the Bad Berlin river as a positive image for a city of the future. "
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Berlin, Germany