Checkpoint Charlie

Housing, Hotel, Comercial and Museum

  • Plazas in Friedrich- and Dorotheenstadt
  • Site plan
  • Creation of the plaza through the high-rise
  • Flexibility on the Plaza
  • Checkpoint Charlie Route 
  • Elevation 
  • Axonometric view

The Checkpoint Charlie (CpC) unites Berlin's political history and urban planning tradition with various stakeholder needs. Because the CpC is located in the heart of Berlin, the project has the task of keeping the CpC recognisable and at the same time integrating itself into the historical course of the city. The CpC is also in the layout of the historic Friedrichstadt, the fourth city extension of Berlin, laid out in 1688.
In a discursive process, the framework conditions of the development were transferred transparently into the proposal for the location.

Berlin, Germany